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Composite Fibreglass Products

FRC products are high performance moulded and pultruded fibreglass components that provide long term value and everyday advantages conventional steel products cannot match.

Corrosion Resistant

Fibre reinforced composite materials are designed to operate in aggressive industrial environments.

High Strength to Weight Ratio

Low weight structural elements are ideal where heavy lifting or access is an issue.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Composite structural materials are virtually maintenance free over their life span.

Impact Resistant

Inherent flexibility allows products to resist failure due to impact.

Non conductive and Non Metallic

Ideally suited to environments requiring spark resistance and safety against electrical hazards.

Fire Retardant

FRC products have low flame spread index when tested under rigorous ASTM test methods.

Reduced Installation Cost

FRC products are easier and lighter to install requiring basic assembly with light weight lifting equipment and hand tools.

Composite Fibreglass ProductsComposite Fibreglass Products

For technical information on our products and services contact;

Gary Swindale (BE Civil): (021) 521-582 or Richard Newey: (0274) 900-389